Wednesdays at 7pm



Remix meets every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm and is open to all students grades 6th to 12th. It is a place where students gather together and experience…



Worship: God deserves our praise. We long to give God glory in a way that is understood by students and helps them connect with God.

Teaching from the Bible: Everything we do is based on the preaching of the word. We love preaching in series at Remix!

Small Groups: You can’t do life alone! We believe that we can increase the influence when we connect every student to an adult that loves Jesus. Each week students meet in an age based/gender based small group, led by an adult that loves Jesus and loves families. During small groups, students get to process the message on their level with their peers. This provides a sense of community and connection.

Serve Teams: We believe that saved people serve people! Each week students have the opportunity to use their gifting’s to serve the church and each other! Serve teams exist to give every student a platform to become more of who God created them to be. Wether you love graphic design, or stage construction, there is a serve team for you at Remix.


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